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The term “manus” derives from Latin meaning hand. In a broader sense it symbolises handicraft, assistance, protection and work. Glen by Atelier Manus, the producer and supplier of high-quality food as well as wine menus for the gastronomy, is part of a private foundation. This foundation has made the promotion of the professional and social integration of people with disabilities its goal.

Our motto is: "As much support as necessary and at the same time as little as possible."

Following this conviction, it is our declared intention to support every individual by means of work adapted to his or her personal inclinations and abilities in such a way that he or she can develop in the greatest possible autonomy. Each individual should experience in the work process the appreciation that is rooted in a healthy environment characterised by mutual respect and meaningful work. The value of work is inseparably linked to what it gives to people beyond the wage: satisfaction, self-confidence and a sense of belonging to the community.

By now, by means of trusting in our core values, we have grown into a solid service company with 12 departments and 180 employees. As a result, we have a wide range of high-quality products and an attractive variety of different jobs available. We meet the complex requests of today's continuously developing working world with the spirit of the times: we fulfil your orders adjustably, swiftly and inexpensively.  And, not insignificantly, gladly.


What the term "manus" symbolises runs like a red thread through our daily practiced company’s philosophy: we have always been committed to solid craftsmanship. Moreover, the creation of protected jobs and apprenticeships in the field of print media processing is our ultimate ambition.

Given that high-quality food and wine menus are a product of handbook bindery, we have expanded our existing range of products to create a new, dynamic line of business with Glen by Atelier Manus. In our customer-oriented market cultivation, we can benefit from the reputation, know-how and field service of the Swiss company Glen, which was founded 50 years ago and has an affiliated showroom. Our trump is first-class craftsmanship, which we have mastered from scratch: Every single menu card is handmade by our qualified, experienced staff with care.

This way, we can guarantee that the products that leave our premises meet the high-quality standards of the catering and hotel industry. Taking this into consideration, we recommend ourselves and our products with conviction and commitment.



It all began with a momentous encounter: in 1969, the year that would also become the founding year of the company, the young Swiss woman Elisabeth Entrevaux flew from Zurich to London. Not out of wanderlust, but because after extensive research, the young woman had found a company in London that would support her in realising her vision: namely, to supply the Swiss gastronomy and hotel industry with high-quality food and drinks menus. Until then, there was no manufacturer for this "niche product" in Switzerland and Elisabeth thought she was lucky to have finally found a producer in London who wanted to manufacture the menus according to her vision.

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