The agreement was quickly reached in London, and the enterprising Swiss boarded a plane that same evening for New York, where she had planned to visit her friend Anne. And because Elisabeth was in good, even excellent spirits after the successful contract negotiations, she struck up a conversation with her seatmate during the flight at an altitude of 10,000 metres. It was a certain Adam Glenn from Scotland who was to leave a lasting impression on the young woman - so lasting that, back in Switzerland, she founded a company in Zurich called "Glen".

After many years of collaborating with the company from London, the enthusiastic entrepreneur found a new manufacturer in 1993 Switzerland: the Cilurzo bookbindery in Lucerne. By now, the food and drink menus from Glen were marketed throughout Switzerland and even internationally.

Elisabeth Entrevaux ran the company very successfully until 1997 and then handed it over to the couple Koopmann from √Ągeri, who ran the business with lasting success until 2007.

Eventually the manufacturer himself took over: Mario Cilurzo, who had by then been producing menus for almost 15 years. Successful and committed, he determined the fate of the company until his retirement in 2019.

Once again, the question arose who would succeed.

It did not take long until Glen found a competent, renowned and experienced partner in the Atelier Manus foundation in Brig, which has made it its goal to employ people with disabilities.

The company Glen by Atelier Manus has been part of the foundation since September 2019. The fateful encounter between the Swiss woman and the Scotsman in 1969 has left a trace up to this day: It seems as if the company has finally found its natural environment in Valais. According to Wikipedia, "Glen" - derived from the Scottish Gaelic or Irish "gleann" - refers to a remote, long and narrow valley, such as the Valais is - "narrow" and "remote". Speaking exclusively in a geographical sense, of course.

But also without paying attention to this derivation, it is apparent what the Glen company has in common with the Atelier Manus Foundation: the unconditional demand for high quality, the focus on the special needs of the gastronomy and the upholding of unbreakable values such as trust, reliability and solidity.